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There are numerous Atlanta Home Theater experts in our area, and while many provide similar services, NEW FRAME GA LLC strives to be a leader in home theater installation and security systems. Based in Atlanta, NEW FRAME GA LLC services customers throughout metro Atlanta Georgia. We offer professional installation of many components such as wireless surround sound systems, wired or wireless security cameras, TV wall mounting, and more. We serve customers in the surrounding metro Atlanta area. 

When moving into a new house, it can be difficult to install everything by yourself. With the speakers, cables, and the TV to fix, it can be quite the hassle. That’s why we offer multiple services to ensure you have the best viewing experience.

New Frame LLC offers automotive, commercial, and residential consulting installation of audio, flat screens, theater solutions, lighting, security systems, network solutions, general electrical service, equipment plus furniture assembling, and hauling services.

But we also don’t want you to be in the dark. That’s why we have compiled an essential guide for all the things you need to know about your installations.


Just brought a brand new TV? Here are some ways you can go about it.TV Installation New Frame Ga

There are so many factors to keep in mind when mounting a TV. The first one is choosing a wall mount.

With so many different kinds of wall mounts out there, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. A fixed mount will put your Tv in a stationary position, whereas a swivel mount will allow your screen to pivot to the left and right. A tilting TV mount will allow you to angle your screen downwards, and a full-motion TV wall will allow you to adjust the TV in any direction manually.

The next factor is location and height. Make sure your TV is in a position with access to power cables and connections for speakers. Mount in such a way that there is enough space for a shelf underneath. Avoid direct access to sunlight and heat. And finally, make sure your TV is mounted on a weight-bearing wall.

The height at which you want your TV to be mounted is totally up to the viewer. The optimal display height is usually at the eye level of all those watching the TV from your couch. Next, confirm your studs to hold the TV. If you have a brick wall, then you won’t need studs. You can simply use masonry anchors to fasten the TV.

After this, make sure you position the mount, attach it to the wall and finally mount the TV. Professional help should be called in when required since the installation of a TV can be technically complex.

What about network setup?

Setting up a network can be quite challenging without help or expertise if you’re not a handyman or woman. Not to mention the hundreds of cable wires threatening to loop you into a dizzy. But we’ve got it covered. Our professional workers will install your network and make sure you don’t have to see cable wires everywhere. We ensure a neat setup.

But just to cover the basics, here’s what a network setup would look like, in case you want to try it out.

First of all, choose your network type: wired or wireless. Next, know your components. A home network would consist of a router, a wireless access point, an ethernet HUB, cables, and broadband filters.

The wireless router will need to be in connection with the cable network access point and your telephone lines. Hence, most people connect it to the main telephone socket in the house.

If however, it’s not possible, you can also increase the length using longer extension cables. You can always extend your home network using various options. You can either extend your Wi-Fi coverage or extend your cable length.

We make sure your network is set up according to your custom specifications. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for professional help.



More Services


In addition to residential services, we offer commercial installation of TVs, audio equipment, wireless surround sound, security systems, networking, and more. If you’re a small business owner, we want to work with you! Whether you are upgrading existing equipment or starting from scratch, our professionals will help you design the best customer experience in your industry using great technology and professional installation.


We can install TVs and sound systems in any office setting, restaurant, bar, waiting area, and more. Adding entertainment features to your business makes customers feel at ease. Whether hosting the next big game at your restaurant, providing educational videos to corporate clients, or entertaining guests while they wait in your reception area, we can help you meet your clients’ intrinsic needs at a price you can afford.


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  • Rewiring Audio/Data/Video Equipment
  • Projector and Screen installation
  • A/V/ Data/ HDMI/ Optical/ RCA Wall Plating
  • Security Camera(s)/ Doorbell/ Flood Lighting Camera(s)
  • Cable(s) Pull(s)/Run(s) AV/Data/Power cord(s)/Cable(s)
  • Chandelier(s)/ Fan(s)/ Light(s) hanging/mounting
  • Window Blinds/ Curtains/ Valance(s) hanging/mounting
  • Picture Frame(s)/ Mirrors hanging/mounting
  • Entertainment Shelf installation
  • Furniture home/office Assembling
  • Pick-Up/Drop-off/ Hauling Truck bed full
  • Project Estimates, Evaluation, Consulting technical support, troubleshooting

Plan A

  • TV Installation, Reg. wall
  • Labor $60 an hour (2.5hrs)
  • Mount $45
  • 2×12-15ft HDMI $40
  • Power Cord $25

TOTAL $260

Plan B

  • TV Installation, Fireplace, External
  • Labor $60 an hour (3hrs)
  • Mount $45
  • 2x 12-15ft HDMI $40
  • Power Cord $25
  • PVC $25 (optional, for external)

TOTAL $310

Plan C

  • TV Mounting only $60 an hour (1hrs)
  • you just provide the mount (or i can for $45)
  • note: cable(s) will dangle exterior of wall to below


  • For every additional 25 miles or 25 minutes from this address: 3122 Panthers Road, Decatur, Georgia. 30034, it will be an additional $25 each roundtrip added to the invoice
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  • Sound Bar (mounted) $30 a hour (1hrs) w/Plan A-C
  • Sound Bar (Rewired In/mounted) $60 a hour (1hrs)
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Reinstall Installation

  • Regular wall internal $60 a hour (1.5hrs)
  • Fireplace internal $60 a hour (2hrs)
  • Fireplace/Regular wall ext. $60 a hour (2.5hrs)
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Projector and Screen installation

  • Residential, Projector and Screen installation


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  • (mounted) $30 a hour (1.5hrs) each cable(s) included
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  • -Service call requires a minimum of (3) three Switches and/or Outlets to be replaced.
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Rewiring Audio/Data/Video Equipment

  • $15 a hour (1hrs) each device
  • minimum three devices
  • cable(s) are within 12′
  • AV/Data/All Cable(s)/Power Cords and Item(s) price ranges according to Warehouse pricing
  • Entertainment Shelf installation $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
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  • Fan(s) (hung/mounted) $60 a hour (1hrs)
  • Chandelier(s) (hung) $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
  • Light(s) (hung/mounted) $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
  • Window Blinds (minimum 3) $60 a hour (1hrs)
  • Curtains/ Valance(s) (minimum 3) $60 a hour (1hrs)
  • Picture Frame(s)/ Mirrors (minimum 4) $30 a hour (1hrs)
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  • Camera(s) (2 stories) (mnted) $60 a hour (2hrs)
  • Cameras(s) (3 stories) (mnted) $60 a hour (3.5hrs)
  • Camera replacement $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
  • Doorbell Camera (Install) $30 a hour (1hrs)
  • Camera Flood Lighting (Install) $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
  • Cable(s) Pull(s)/Run(s) AV/Data/Power cord(s)/Cable(s) $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
  • (Cable(s) not included)
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A/V Wall Plates $10

  • (Cable plate do not include cable)
  • Data/ Phone Plate(s) $20 ea.
  • HDMI Plate(s) $20 ea.
  • Optical Plate(s) $25 ea.
  • RCA Plate(s) $25 ea.
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Kitchen Cabinet Lights

  • Light/Fixtures Switches $30 a hour (1hrs)
  • Kitchen Cabinet Lights $30 a hour (2hrs)
  • Outlet/Receptacle $30 a hour (1hrs)
  • TV Power Outlet $30 a hour (2.5hrs)
  • Extension Cords (every “3ft”) $5
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  • Furniture home/office $60 hourly
  • Heavy-duty home/office $60 hourly
  • Closet Shelve(s) $60 a hour (1.5hrs)
  • Holder(s)/Hook(s)/Rod(s) (min. 3) $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
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  • Truck bed full $65 – $85 depending on distance
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Service Plan cancellation

  • Once service plan is cancelled future services will be full price for the next 24 months.
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Equipment Rental

  • Receipt reimbursement for equipment plus $20 fee
  • Pick-Up/Drop-off $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
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Service Call

  • Project Estimates, Evaluation, Consulting technical support, troubleshooting, and Etc… $70 (first 90 mins) $30 a hour (1.5hrs)
  • Project Supervisor/Overseer
  • (only responsible for the Work/Project/Job) $50 1st Hour, $30 each additional hour
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